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Overhead Environment Fundamentals Experience & Course

Overhead Environment 'Experience'

The 'Experience' program is aimed to divers who wish to have an idea of ​​what is meant by diving in an obstructed environment (cave, wreck or under-ice).

Prerequisites: diver with R2 Deep certification or similar (Deep recreational); age: minimum 18 years

Duration and 'Experience' program: one day; briefing, equipment preparation, diving guided by a qualified STDA instructor

Cost per day: 250 € to be divided among the participants (maximum 4)

Travel, gas, board and lodging costs, permits and any other instructor-related expenses related to diving are NOT included


Overhead Environment Fundamentals CourseMan Overhead Fund 20210130 COPERT

The course aims to introduce the diver to basic knowledge for diving in an obstructed environment (cave, cave or ice), limited to diving:

  • NDL
  • natural light always visible inside the visited environment
  • no restrictions
  • maximum depth that does not exceed the certification hold and that in any case does not exceed 30 meters, with a maximum distance from the surface of 40 meters
  • good visibility, which always allows to see the exit
  • any further restrictive safety limits decided by the instructor


Course program and duration

minimum course length:  3 days
duration of theory lessons, including workshops: minimum 12 hours
theory sessions: minimum 1 - instr / student ratio: 1/4
final theoretical test: multiple choice written quiz if required
maximum percentage of errors allowed for final theoretical verification: 20%
exceeding the maximum percentage allowed leads to the repetition of the theory quiz within 6 months  
dry laboratories: minimum 1
confined water sessions: minimum 1; instr / student ratio: 1/4
dives in an obstructed environment: minimum 1; instr / student ratio: 1/4

maximum time for completing the course:

6 months, after which the course must be repeated entirely

Cost: indicative € 650 per participant

Costs for gas, eventual travel, meals and accommodation for the instructor, boat and any extra days of training or extra days due to adverse weather conditions are NOT included and are paid by the student.







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