Specific Equipment & Enviroment Courses (S.E.E.C.)

Dry suit diver course

The 'Dry suit diver' course is a fundamentals course both for recreational divers, that want to have a good confort and the max fun during their dives, and divers that want to start technical diving.2014 muta per drysuit diver

Despite this, it's not easy to have a good dry suit course.

STDA sets the max ratio Instr/diver of  1:2.

The program develops in three steps:

  • theory (development of dry suits usage, types and manufacturing material, managing of buoyancy and trim, failures management)
  • confined water sessions with exercises
  • minimum 2 open water dives

Recreational DPV diver2015 DPV1 sito STDA

The workshop introduce recreational diver to DPV use, giving the fundamental knowledge and procedures to use them in a safe mode, in a limited range of deep and distance

The program provides a theory session, a confined water session and open watere dive.

Pre-requisites: R1 Open Water Diver or equivalent

Duration: at least 2 days

Approximate cost: 250€ (extra day 80€)


DPV diver course Mod 1

The use of a DPV in a dive is probably one of the most funny way to explore and cover long distance and visit in a relaxed manner a new or more dive spots in a single dive.

The DPV is a very useful tool; as for all these types of 'extended range equipments' is fundamental to have a good training. In this way the diver will be able to take the full advantage from his DPV including all the knowledge and skills to manage it in a safety way.
Duration: at least 3 days

Certification limit: based on ceritification hold and anyway with max 1 deco stage

Approximate cost: 350€ (extra day 80€)


Wreck diver course MOD 1


Congratulations to Luca that in the week-end, first of his course, concluded the dives of his CCR2 + OC deco exp2 program. After theory and confined water sessions followed 6 dives with a max...

In the middle of November will start a STDA Instructor Development Course. The program is focused in preparing the instructor candidate to organize STDA Recreationl courses from R1 (OWD) to R2...

Congratulations to Luca C. that today finished his x-over training program with the X-CCR rebreather. The course provided theory, dry-lab and in water sessions. Now have fun and dive safe! ...
22/02/2019-31/03/2019 STDA HQ - Lake Garda Italy, CCR 2

31/01/2019-03/02/2019 STDA HQ Trento & lake Garda - Italy, Intro to Tech - Fundamentals

19/01/2019-27/01/2019 Liguria - Loano - Italy, Intro to Rebreather-Advanced

17/11/2018-29/12/2018 STDA HQ Trento & lake Garda - Italy, Recreational Instructor Course
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