About STDA

In 2013 the project of the 'Scuba Training Development Academy' became a scuba training agency after having been a diving school.
The founder, Marco Valenti, is a scuba instructor since 1996 and has developed a huge experience in tech training since 2000. Over the years he trained many divers and instructors from different countries and for various agencies (ANDI, CMAS, DIRrebreather, IANTD, IART, PADI, UTRtek), acquiring a wide knowledge about many training systems.
During this long path, he started to develop an own system, starting to write manuals for divers and outlines for instructors.

He was the first Hammerhead instructor (February 2008) and the first HH Inst. Trainer (2010) in Europe.
Tester of the Juergensen Marine electronics, today he is the most active and experienced 'Hammerhead rebreather' instructor. 

STDA Headquarter

STDA headquarter is based in Trento, northern Italy, close to lake Garda.
The headquarter has a main office, a classroom and a laboratory.
Service: Mixed gas filling station.

Where training dives take place: lake Garda, at private association 'Gruppo Sommozzatori Riva del Garda Association', viale Rovereto 140 -38066 Riva del Garda

Where to stay (residence, hotel and B&B):

  1. Centro Vela
  2. Villa Speranza
  3. Hotel Primo
  4. Other choices


2014 STDA sede1


The 17th of December will start a 'Divemaster ' course. The program aims to teach how to manage and lead scuba divers during their dives, how to manage trial dives for beginners and for Divemaster...
Congratulations to Luca that in the week-end, first of his course, concluded the dives of his CCR2 + OC deco exp2 program. After theory and confined water sessions followed 6 dives with a max...

In the middle of November will start a STDA Instructor Development Course. The program is focused in preparing the instructor candidate to organize STDA Recreationl courses from R1 (OWD) to R2...

22/02/2019-31/03/2019 STDA HQ - Lake Garda Italy, CCR 2

17/12/2018-13/01/2019 STDA HQ - Lake Garda Italy, Divemaster Course

31/01/2019-03/02/2019 STDA HQ Trento & lake Garda - Italy, Intro to Tech - Fundamentals

19/01/2019-27/01/2019 Liguria - Loano - Italy, Intro to Rebreather-Advanced

17/11/2018-29/12/2018 STDA HQ Trento & lake Garda - Italy, Recreational Instructor Course
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