Instructor and Divemaster Renewals

To renewal your annual teaching status, access to 'RESERVED AREA' and follow the instructions.

For administrative reasons, renewal has to be done between the 30th of November and the 20th of December.

After this date, a 20% will be charged to the annual fee.

Thanks for the collaboration.


Instruction Level Annual Fee Renewal 2021
Divemaster / Ass. Instructor
45€ 30€ discounted fee for Covid-19
Instructor 80€  60€ discounted fee for Covid-19 for
Instructor Trainer 90€ 80€ discounted fee for Covid-19


In the month of Janury will take place a x-over workshop for Recreationl instructor of other agencies. The course aims to introduce the instructors to STDA philosophy, standars and procedures. ...
In these days there will be an update via webinar for STDA recreational instructors, regarding the dry suit courses.New presentation and support video for the theoretical part to facilitate the...
The 28th of September will take place a 'CCR Refresh' workshop. The program aims to refresh all fundamentals skills for divers that stopped scuba diving for a while and want to repeat and take...
20/01/2021-31/01/2021 Trento - Lake Garda, Recreational Instructor Course X-OVER
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