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STDA proposes 'Open Circuit' courses with 3 recreational levels and 3 for decompression diving. For divers that come from oher agencies that want to go on with advanced diving and don't know the hogartian configuration and the DIR approach the first course is the 'Intro to Tech'.

For all the courses it's possible to attend the theory sessions through the web. In this way you can use your time at the best. Same thing if you want to come in Italy to attend your courses. You can do the theory lessons before your coming. Contact us at:

  • R1 - Open Water Diver
  • R2 - Advanced Open Water Diver
  • R2 Deep - (includes the Rescue Module)
  • EANx Diver - (R1 & R2 course sections)
  • Intro to Tech-Fundamentals
  • T 1 - Trimix Decompression 50 mts
  • T 2 - Trimix decompression 60 mts
  • T 3 - Trimix Decompression 80 mts

2017 Flowchart OC

The 17th of December will start a 'Divemaster ' course. The program aims to teach how to manage and lead scuba divers during their dives, how to manage trial dives for beginners and for Divemaster...
Congratulations to Luca that in the week-end, first of his course, concluded the dives of his CCR2 + OC deco exp2 program. After theory and confined water sessions followed 6 dives with a max...

In the middle of November will start a STDA Instructor Development Course. The program is focused in preparing the instructor candidate to organize STDA Recreationl courses from R1 (OWD) to R2...

22/02/2019-31/03/2019 STDA HQ - Lake Garda Italy, CCR 2

17/12/2018-13/01/2019 STDA HQ - Lake Garda Italy, Divemaster Course

31/01/2019-03/02/2019 STDA HQ Trento & lake Garda - Italy, Intro to Tech - Fundamentals

19/01/2019-27/01/2019 Liguria - Loano - Italy, Intro to Rebreather-Advanced

17/11/2018-29/12/2018 STDA HQ Trento & lake Garda - Italy, Recreational Instructor Course

R1 course -open water diver


The R1 course aims to introduce the beginner into the underwater world, through theory, 'dry' lab sessions, confined water and open water dives.

During the program the diver will learn to use different gas like air and enriched air nitrox. At the end of the training the diver will be able to dive inside safety limits with a max depth of 18mts and always in team (with a buddy diver).


  • be a good swimmer, able to swim without stop at least for 250mts
  • be able to perform easily free dives till at least 2mts
  • medical certificate not older than 12 months; non smoker
  • minimum age: 18 years old or 15 years old with the written consent of a parent or legal guardian

Program and duration

minimum days: 6

theory: minimum 12 hours

Theory sessions: 6 - ratio instr/student: 1/8

Dry labs session: at least 1 - ratio instr/student: 1/8

Final assessment: quizzes with multiple choice

Maximum percentage of allowed wrong answer: 20%

Exceeding the maximum allowable percentage leads to the repetition of the quiz not before than 2 days

Confined water sessions: at least 4 - ratio instr/student: 1/4

Open water dives: minimum 4 with a cumulated run time of minimum 120 minutes - ratio instr/student: 1/2

The maximum time for completion of the course: 6 months; if exceeded, the course must be repeated entirely

Certification limits

  • Max depth: 18 mts
  • Max pO2, on the bottom: 1,3 ata
  • Usable mix: air and Enriched Air Nitrox 32
  • For all the mixes fO2 range: +/-0,01
  • Night, Decompression, overhead and Solo diving NOT permitted


650€ for training (manual + theory in classroom/web on-line, quiz, cw sessions and dives)

NOT included: mix, , lodging and food for other locations, boats if needed and extra

In case of 2 or more students and x-over, contact us for a quotation.

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