Open circuit courses

STDA proposes scuba diving courses with 3 recreational levels (from beginners to advanced) and 3 for decompression diving. For divers that come from oher agencies that want to go on with STDA advanced diving and don't know the hogartian configuration and the DIR approach, the first course is the 'Fundamentals - Intro to Tech'.

  • R1 - Open Water Diver
  • R2 - Advanced Open Water Diver
  • R2 Deep - (includes the Rescue Module)
  • EANx Diver - (R1 & R2 course sections)
  • Fundamentals - Intro to Tech
  • T 1 - Trimix Decompression 50 mts
  • T 2 - Trimix decompression 60 mts
  • T 3 - Trimix Decompression 80 mts

For all the courses it's possible to attend the theory sessions through the web. In this way you can use your time at the best. Same thing if you want to come in Italy to attend your courses. You can do the theory lessons before your coming. Contact us at:


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Congratulations to Menon M., already recreational instructor and course director that concluded his first rebreather course, receving the 'Intro to Rebreather ADV' certification STDA. Menon got a...
STDA has always distinguished itself by requiring a sports medical examination with under-stress electrocardiogram before the start of diving courses. To date, with the significant increase in...

'Fundamentals - Intro to Tech' Workshop - STDA™

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The workshop aims to introduce diver to the knowledge and practice of DIR philosophy and hogartian harness.

The 'Fundamentals - Intro to Tech' workshop is composed of two certificatications depending to the level reached from the diver. The Fundamentals certifies that the student attended the workshop but has not use the double-tank or drysuit and/or has not reached the 'Intro to Tech' level that allow to go on with the T1 course.

The 'Intro to Tech' certification means the diver has matched all the workshop standards and can plan to attend a T1 course, if R2 Deep certified..


  • be certified 'Open Water Diver' or equivalent

  • medical certificate not older than one year; recommended PFO examination (Patent foramen ovale); non smoker

  • minimum age: 15 years old

  • documented experience of at least 25 hours of dives with open circuit, in the previous 12 months


Before the course start, the instructor could ask to do a open circuit dive to evaluate the level of training of the candidate.

Program and duration of the course


  • minimum days: 4

  • Theory, including 'dry labs': 12 hours

  • Theory sessions: 4 - ratio instr/student: 1/8

  • Final assessment: quizzes with multiple choice

  • Maximum percentage of allowed wrong answer: 20%

  • Exceeding the maximum allowable percentage leads to the repetition of the quiz not before than 2 days

  • Confined water sessions/open water dives:: minimo 6 - ratio instr/student: 1/4

  • The maximum time for completion of the course: 6 months that if exceeded, the course must be repeated entirely


Workshop limits

  • Max depth: as deep as the own certification, and in any case not deeper than -30 metri

  • Max pO2, for the bottom mix: 1,2 ata

  • No decompression, No Overhead, No SOLO Diving

  • Usable mix during the training: EAN 32, Air with fO2 +/-0,01


750€ for the training (manual + theory in classroom/on-line sessions, quiz, open water dives session)

The cost doesn't include and are charged to the students: mixes, transfer, room and board for the instructor, boat passages  and extra days for training or delays due to adverse weather conditions.

In case of more than 2 students or X-OVER, please request a quotation.

Each extra training day (more than 4 days): 200€/day

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