2019 Monthly - XCCR x-over program

20180925 LC pp1For 2019 STDA has scheduled monthly x-over workshop for XCCR rebreather.

Prerequisites to join the course: CCR certification and medical certificate.

The workshop provides all fundamentals knowledge for XCCR use, giving the XCCR producer manual and last version available of XCCR Diver STDA manual. Based on more than 10 years of experience training on Hammerhad CCR (the XCCR predecessor) is probably the best specific diver manual for XCCR available.

If needed an XCCR is avaialble for the x-over workshop.

For info: info@stdahq.com

Phone: +39.347.5041939


X CCR vers 20190203 originale ENG COPER

Congratulatins to Paolo B. that today concluded his 'Into to Reb- Adv' course with XCCR rebrather by iQsub. The schedule started with theory sessions through the web, followed by dry-lab sessions,...
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01/12/2019-22/12/2019 STDA HQ - Lake Garda Italy, Recreational Instructor Course X-OVER

30/11/2019-01/12/2019 Riva del Garda, 2019 Monthly - X-OVER Recreational Instructor STDA

27/11/2019-29/11/2019 Trento- Lago di Garda, Fundamentals - Intro to Tech

22/11/2019-24/11/2019 Trento- Lago di Garda, Fundamentals - Intro to Tech
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