Cours de Instructeurs et Divemaster

Les cours d'instruction STDA offrent les programmes suivants:

  • Moniteur de plongée   
  • Ass.Instructor   
  • Instructeur de loisirs (+ SEEC)   
  • Instructeur technique - Décompression (+ SEEC) 
  • Instructeur Recycleur (+ SEEC)    

Programme X-over: pour le CCR, le candidat assiste à l'Intro to Reb -Adv pour apprendre toutes les compétences spécifiques et les «astuces» sur le recycleur choisi (X-CCR ou Hammerhead); pour OC le plongeur assiste au programme 'Intro to Tech - Fundamentals'.

At the end of the month is scheduled the start of an 'Intro to Reb-Deep' course. Dedicated to divers with 'Intro to Reb - Adv' certification but without any open circuit decompression...
Congratulations to Paolo G. that on Saturday finished his 'DPV Tech Diver' course on Saturday. A first theory webinar was followed by sessions in shallow water and open water, during which there...
06/09/2021-12/09/2021 Palmi - Reggio calabria, Viminale & Valfiorita wreck dives

01/10/2021-10/10/2021 Trento - Riva del Garda, Recreational Instructor Course

25/08/2021-29/08/2021 Riva del Garda, CCR 1

24/09/2021-26/09/2021 Riva del Garda - Liguria, Recreational Instructor Course X-OVER

18/09/2021-19/09/2021 Riva del Garda, Recreational Instructor Course X-OVER

Rebreather Instructor Courses

The rebreather IDP introduces the candidate to teach and manage Rebreather courses.

To attend a Rebreather IDP, the candidate must be:

- a Recreational EANx Instructor, with an active teaching status

- at least 'CCR1' diver certified diver or equivalent; STDA Rebreather Instructor has to held a diver certification level higher than his instructor level

The Rebreather Instructor qualification has 5 levels:

  • 'Intro to Rebreather - Deep' Instructor (Tx - 40 mts)
  • CCR1 Instructor (Tx - 50 mts, decompression procedures)
  • CCR2 Instructor (Tx - 60 mts, decompression procedures)
  • CCR3 Instructor (Tx - 80 mts, decompression procedures)
  • CCR3 Explorer Instructor (Tx 100mts, decompression procedures)

After completing the course, the instructor will participate in a short workshop for the use of the site and will receive a password for login, with which you can access the site, advertise and schedule their courses in the section 'Courses and activities'.

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