2021 May - Buoyancy and trim workshop

The 6th of May will take place a Trim an Buoyancy workshop. The program aims to improve skills of the diver for a better control and more fun during his dives.

Location: lake Garda

Instructor: Marco Valenti

For info: info@stdahq.com

20190218 Rudy 10

Congratulations to Paolo G. that on Saturday finished his 'DPV Tech Diver' course on Saturday. A first theory webinar was followed by sessions in shallow water and open water, during which there...
Between 14 and 16 June are scheduled a couple of 'CCR Refresh' workshop. The program of a day aims to guide rebreather divers who have had a long period of stop. The day includes the repetition...
The 2nd of June a 'CCR Evaluation' session will be held in Riva del Garda. The session aims to verify the level of the diver before accessing the course program, in this case a CCR-1. For...
31/05/2021-27/06/2021 Riva del Garda - Liguria, CCR 3

19/05/2021-23/05/2021 Lago di Garda, Course DPV Tech

24/05/2021-24/05/2021 Webinar, Mnemonic Dive Planning 18mt - R1 Open Water Diver

24/05/2021-24/05/2021 Webinar, Mnemonic Dive Planning 30mt - R2 Adv.O. W. Diver

01/10/2021-10/10/2021 Trento - Riva del Garda, Recreational Instructor Course

14/06/2021-16/06/2021 Riva del Garda, CCR REFRESH Workshop

02/06/2021-02/06/2021 Riva del Garda, Valutazione CCR - CCR evaluation

23/06/2021-03/07/2021 Uffici STDA - STDA office, Chiusura per ferie - Holiday closure

24/05/2021-24/05/2021 Webinar, Mnemonic Dive Planning - Full package 18-40mt

06/07/2021-09/07/2021 Riva del Garda, CCR 1

04/09/2021-05/09/2021 Riva del Garda, Recreational Instructor Course X-OVER

24/09/2021-26/09/2021 Riva del Garda - Liguria, Recreational Instructor Course X-OVER
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