2021 May - New CCR-2 Diver with 'X' rebreather

Giorda 1 TRISCongratulations to Paolo G. who today concluded his iter for the CCR2 x-over with STDA, at Lake Garda.

Diver of long experience on rebreathers including that of tester, in these months characterized by stop and go for lockdown, Paolo worked hard to align to the STDA standards. Improving trim, buoyancy control and skills he has achieved its goal and is now ready to complete the STDA training with the CCR 3 program.

Congratulations again and always dive safe!


Marco Valenti

X-CCR Instr Trainer


Giorda 1 QUATER

Congratulations to Paolo G. that on Saturday finished his 'DPV Tech Diver' course on Saturday. A first theory webinar was followed by sessions in shallow water and open water, during which there...
Between 14 and 16 June are scheduled a couple of 'CCR Refresh' workshop. The program of a day aims to guide rebreather divers who have had a long period of stop. The day includes the repetition...
The 2nd of June a 'CCR Evaluation' session will be held in Riva del Garda. The session aims to verify the level of the diver before accessing the course program, in this case a CCR-1. For...
31/05/2021-27/06/2021 Riva del Garda - Liguria, CCR 3

19/05/2021-23/05/2021 Lago di Garda, Course DPV Tech

24/05/2021-24/05/2021 Webinar, Mnemonic Dive Planning 18mt - R1 Open Water Diver

24/05/2021-24/05/2021 Webinar, Mnemonic Dive Planning 30mt - R2 Adv.O. W. Diver

01/10/2021-10/10/2021 Trento - Riva del Garda, Recreational Instructor Course

14/06/2021-16/06/2021 Riva del Garda, CCR REFRESH Workshop

02/06/2021-02/06/2021 Riva del Garda, Valutazione CCR - CCR evaluation

23/06/2021-03/07/2021 Uffici STDA - STDA office, Chiusura per ferie - Holiday closure

24/05/2021-24/05/2021 Webinar, Mnemonic Dive Planning - Full package 18-40mt

06/07/2021-09/07/2021 Riva del Garda, CCR 1

04/09/2021-05/09/2021 Riva del Garda, Recreational Instructor Course X-OVER

24/09/2021-26/09/2021 Riva del Garda - Liguria, Recreational Instructor Course X-OVER
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