2017 July - New X-CCR Instructor Requirements

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A. Minimum requirements to become and remain an approved iQsub X-CCR Instructor:

1. Minimum 100 logged dives and 100 hours on X-CCR.
2. Have own complete X-CCR unit in factory condition (no modifications with non-original parts)
before the start of the training.
3. Active Advanced Nitrox Instructor with a recognizable training agency.
approved by iQsub Technologies (e.g. IANTD or TDI).
4. Hold a minimum of CCR Trimix level certification from a recognizable training agency accepted
by iQsub Technologies (e.g. IANTD, TDI, PSAI, RAID).

B. After 1-4 have been completed, complete the following to become an X-CCR Instructor:

Complete an instructor course with a factory approved X-CCR Instructor Trainer:
1. Assist with minimum of 1 full X-CCR diver course with approved X-CCR IT.
2. Conduct a minimum of 1 full X-CCR diver course under the supervision of approved X-CCR IT.
3. Agree to follow your agency’s standards (iQsub Technologies approved).
C. After the above have been completed, complete the following to REMAIN an X-CCR
1. Represent X-CCR as well as iQsub Technologies in a professional manner.
2. Notify iQsub Technologies privately and directly of any complaints with the X-CCR
3. Complete any remedial and/or continuing education the iQsub training department stipulates
within 60 days.
• iQsub Technologies reserves the right to approve or disapprove any instructor as factory
approved X-CCR Instructor at it’s sole discretion.
• No deviations from the above standards are allowed without prior written approval from iQsub
• These requirements do not guarantee or imply any training agency membership or status.

Revised 20.6.2017

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