2017 November - Mnemonic Dive Planning Workshop for instructor

1404429078On Monday 27th of November, it will take place a Mnemonic Dive Planning Workshop STDA for CCR instructor.

At the end of the workshop, instructors will be able to introduce CCR divers to the use of MDP STDA in CCR decompression diving, considering the certification level hold.

Nel mese di marzo è in calendario un corso EANx Recreational. Il programma prevede l'introduzione all'utilizzo di miscele iperossigenate in ambito ricreativo. Si svolge in due giornate: la...

Since few days, it's avaialble the new 'DPV Tech' STDA manual to lead the students during training with underwater scooters. Other updates and new manuals will be available soon with the aim of...

In February began a course CCR1 + OC Deco exp1. The program, aimed at divers certified 'Intro to Reb -Deep' includes as usual some theory sessions with final quiz, minimum 2 sessions of water...
13/02/2021-14/02/2021 Trento - Lake Garda, Course DPV Tech
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