2015 - New 'Intro to Rebreather - Deep' certified diver

2015 Luca Intro Deep 1 sito STDACongratulations to Luca M. that finished the 'Intro to Rebreather -Deep' course. The program introduces recreational divers already certified as 'Intro to Reb - Adv' to the use of Tri-mix and to the STDA Menomonic Dive Planning.

Next step decompresion ccr diving.

Have fun and dive safe!

Congratulations to Luca that in the week-end, first of his course, concluded the dives of his CCR2 + OC deco exp2 program. After theory and confined water sessions followed 6 dives with a max...

In the middle of November will start a STDA Instructor Development Course. The program is focused in preparing the instructor candidate to organize STDA Recreationl courses from R1 (OWD) to R2...

Congratulations to Luca C. that today finished his x-over training program with the X-CCR rebreather. The course provided theory, dry-lab and in water sessions. Now have fun and dive safe! ...
22/9/2018-25/9/2018 , 2018 monthly - X-CCR rebreather x-over Workshop

21/9/2018-24/9/2018 STDA HQ Lake Garda - Italy, 2018 Monthly - X-OVER to Recreational O.W. Instructor STDA

21/1/2019-27/1/2019 Liguria - Loano - Italy, Intro to Rebreather-Advanced

31/1/2019-3/2/2019 STDA HQ Trento & lake Garda - Italy, Intro to Tech - Fundamentals

17/11/2018-24/11/2018 STDA HQ Trento & lake Garda - Italy, Recreational Instructor Course
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