2020 March - Mnemonic Dive Planning courses, recreational levels

In the weeks from 16 to 31 March, are scheduled the Mnemonic Immersion Programming courses for recreational levels. The workshops are open to recreational divers of any agency and aim to deepen the basics of diving planning considering procedures and physiology in the broadest sense in order to be able to dive more consciously, avoiding a passive attitude in front of the display of your computer.

The development takes place online and is divided according to the certification levels, in the sessions:

  • Mnemonic Dive Planning 18mt
  • Mnemonic Dive Planning 30mt
  • Mnemonic Dive Planning 40mt Deep

Once the registration is made, the date and time are planned for the sessions to be carried out online (on the web: important to have a decent internet connection)

2020 Mnemonic Dive Planning Recreational ENG

Today finished the first 'Mnemonic Dive Planning - Recreational' workshop scheduled. The program saw the treatment of modules R1, R2 and R2 Deep completing the recreational part from 0 to 40mt...
The 15th of February will take place a XCCR trail dive session. Location: Riva del Garda, lake Garda (Italy) Instructor: Marco Valenti For booking: https://www.stdahq.com/en/scuba-course/ For...
20/03/2020-22/03/2020 Riva del Garda - Italy, Fundamentals - Intro to Tech

27/03/2020-29/03/2020 Riva del Garda - Italy, Fundamentals - Intro to Tech

14/03/2020-22/03/2020 Riva del Garda - Italy, CCR 1

17/04/2020-19/04/2020 Riva del Garda - Italy, Fundamentals - Intro to Tech

16/03/2020 Trento - Online, Mnemonic Dive Planning 18mt - R1 Open Water Diver

20/03/2020-29/03/2020 Riva del Garda - Italy, CCR 2

16/03/2020-30/04/2020 Trento- Lago di Garda, R1 Open Water Diver

17/03/2020 Trento - Online, Mnemonic Dive Planning 30mt - R2 Adv.O. W. Diver

21/03/2020-26/04/2020 Trento- Lago di Garda, 2020 - X-CCR rebreather x-over Workshop

18/03/2020 Trento - online, Mnemonic Dive Planning - Full package 18-40mt
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