2020 August - XCCR workshop x-over

XCCR corso istrA X-OVER program for X-CCR will start at the end of August. The course is aimed at already certified rebreather divers who wish to upgrade to XCCR.

The course will take place at Lake Garda, Italy.

Location: Riva del Garda. 

It's problably one of the best locations, where be trained in technical diving in Europe. The logistics is great with the diving spot 20 meters far from the diving association and parking area; and 100mts far from residence/hotels, B&B, camping structures.

The training spot is a dedicated scuba diving area surrounded by buoys and all deeps available: from shallow water 3/4mts till 90mts for deep diving training.

Instructor: Marco Valenti, IT XCCR
Available places: still 1
For info: info@stdahq.com

Telephone: +39.347.5041939

The 21rst of September will take place a 'CCR Refresh' workshop. The program aims to refresh all fundamentals skills for divers that stopped scuba diving for a while and want to repeat and take...
Congratulations to Romina and Stefano that in the week end finished their XCCR x-over program. As always STDA's x-over develops through dry lab sessions about configuration, electronic workshop...

CCR1 course trimix 50mts

26/09/2020-27/09/2020 Lago di Garda - Trento, Recreational Instructor Course X-OVER

03/10/2020-04/10/2020 Lago di Garda - Trento, Recreational Instructor Course X-OVER

18/09/2020-27/09/2020 Lago di Garda - Italia, Recreational Instructor Course

22/09/2020-28/09/2020 Lake Garda - Italy, Intro to Rebreather - Deep

16/10/2020-25/10/2020 Lake Garda - Italy, CCR 1

21/08/2020-22/08/2020 Lake Garda, CCR REFRESH Workshop

28/08/2020-06/09/2020 Lake Garda - Italy, 2020 - X-CCR rebreather x-over Workshop

21/09/2020-21/09/2020 Lake Garda - Italy, CCR REFRESH Workshop

18/09/2020-23/11/2020 Malè ,Trento, Riva del Garda, R2 Adv. OWD
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