2019 March - XCCR rebreather x-over workshop

XCCR corso istrFrom the 22nd to the 24th of March is scheduled an XCCR X-OVER course. The program includes a drylab workshop, that lead the user to the assemblling of the unit, preparation for the dive and elecrtronics use.

Open water dives follow.

Pleaces available: still one

Chance to rent the rebreather for the training: yes

Location: STDA Headquarter, lake Garda - Italy

For info: info@stdahq.com

Phone: +39.347.5041939

XCCR cross-over course for end of August...

Rebreather course CCR2 with XCCR

In the mojnth of August are scheduled some 'CCR Refresh' workshop. The program is focused in repeating all the main skills and emegency procedures after a stop in the diving activity. The workshop...

01/08/2020-23/08/2020 Lake Garda, CCR 2

07/08/2020-08/08/2020 Lake Garda - Italy, CCR REFRESH Workshop

14/07/2020-23/08/2020 Liguria wreck - Italy, CCR 3 EXPLORER

21/08/2020-22/08/2020 Lake Garda, CCR REFRESH Workshop

29/08/2020-06/09/2020 Lake Garda - Italy, 2020 - X-CCR rebreather x-over Workshop
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