2016 - Britannic wreck expedition.

2016 Britannic Gruppo WEBThe 10th of October came to the end the '2016 DIRrebreather Britannic expedition'.

Since 1916 the wreck of the Britannic, the cruise liner sister of the Titanic, lays down on the sea bed in the Kea island channel, at -120 mts depth.

Depth and typical currents conditions of that piece of sea, leaded some explorer divers to describe the dive on the Britannic as the Everest of scuba diving.

Divers coming from 9 different countries joined the expedition, doing it a real international expedition.

The members: Pim van der Horst (DIRrebreather president and organizer) from The Netherlands, Marco Valenti (STDA founder & training director) and Diego Esposito from Italy, Mark Powell from England, Armando Ribeiro and Pedro Lage from Portugal, Boris Kokoszko from France, Vic Verlinden from Belgium, Dennis Bloom from The Netherlands, Sabine Kerkau from Germany, Aaron Grigsby USA and Brian Busuttil from Malta.

A particular thank goes to Pim van der Horst that after 3 years was able to have the permissions from greek Ministery to organize this amazing expedition. The expedition coincided with the centenary of the Britannic sinking, recalling some of the most important Britannic explorer divers, like Leigh Bishop and Richie Kohler, both speakers at the Kea Conference Center.

For me it was the culmination of a dream. Thanks to all.

Marco Valenti


Founder & Training Director

2016 Britannic wreck disegno 1

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