2016 modello card diver The 'Scuba Training Development Academy', is a training agency for underwater activities, founded by Marco Valenti, involved in research and consulting. The headquarter is based in northern Italy, in the city of Trento, close to lake Garda.

STDA mainly focuses on courses with use of the rebreather, as well as in open circuit always following a DIR approach, open to technology and to evolution in scuba equipment.

Have already chosen the STDA quality for their CCR courses, scuba divers with ANDI, GUE, CMAS, FIPSAS, PADI, PSAI, TDI, UTRtek certifications coming from Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia and USA, as well as Italy.

The agency offers a full range of courses from beginner to instructor training.
In particular the STDA rebreather courses are the result of many years of experience in the CCR training, which was followed by an autonomous development of its own methodology, resulting in programs of the highest quality.
The 'step by step' training aims to the main goals of safety, quality and professionalism that are at the foundation of the courses of the agency.

Marco Valenti, STDA founder, has the longest and more consistent experience in Hammerhead CCR training since 2008 worldwide. STDA is the first agency to have   specific diver manuals for Hammerhead and X-CCR rerbeather

STDA does training, it doesn't sell 'cards'...




Congratulations to Romina that today finished the CCR3 training program. The CCR3 course is a challenging course for everyone; during the training Romina improved all her diving performance going...
Congratulations to Matteo and Pierluigi that in the week-end finished their 'intro to Reb- Adv' STDA course. The program developed through theory sessions, drylabs, confined waters and 6 open...

Congratulations to Stefano D. that in the last week-end finished his CCR3 training, matching all STDA standards and procedures. An hard works was done after theory and shallow water sessions with...

22/9/2018-25/9/2018 , 2018 monthly - X-CCR rebreather x-over Workshop

21/9/2018-24/9/2018 STDA HQ Lake Garda - Italy, 2018 Monthly - X-OVER to Recreational O.W. Instructor STDA

8/9/2018-16/9/2018 STDA HQ Lake Garda - Italy, Intro to Tech - Fundamentals
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